Lunch with Barry Kluger

Courtney made an email introduction to Barry Kluger for me, the newly appointed co-chair of Arizona’s Governors Commission on Film and Television, brilliant PR maven, serves on the board of ADL, and featured writer for column in Arizona Woman called “Life { Male Call”. Barry kindly invited me out to lunch at the Orange Table, a lovely eatery located in Scottsdale’s downtown civic mall. Greeted with a big smile, firm but not overwhelming handshake, handsome and strong features, I instantly liked Barry.

Barry is an ex-New Yorker like me, who lived and worked in Silicon Alley’s new media industry. Besides the lovely Ms. Pulitzer, we have several people in common which was among the many topics discussed over deli sandwich and mozzarella salad topped with tuna salad served at Orange Table.

Sitting outside among the lovely orange trees that grace the patio setting of the Orange Table, on a sunny warm Wednesday afternoon. Barry shared with me his life story, the transition from New York to Scottsdale, day to day with life with Hope, his wife, loss of his dear daughter, and the politics of living in the greater Phoenix area.

Barry is a loving, caring, intelligent, socially conscious, and committed member of society. Also very creative as shown in his most recent article for Arizona Woman entitled, “When a Man Loves a Woman, He Cooks”. Barry extols “the Passion of the Crust” for Hope in hopes of her appreciation. As Anais Nin illustrates in her short story “In Favor of a Sensitive Man”, I found those prescribed ingredients in Mr. Barry Kluger. An unusual note about Barry he enjoys diet soda by adding Sweet ‘n Low to it.

How would I rate lunch at the Orange Table?
Food is fresh, tasty and crisp, dining host warm friendly and playful, topped with a wonderful place for deep discussion. I give Orange Table 5 oranges for being a great place to do lunch!

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