…and we, ladies, all wished for a date with David Hasselhoff.

It was a star-studded evening marking the 25 Anniversary of the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Arizona. All the glamorous and beautiful people attended the elegant festivities held at the Phoenician in Scottsdale, AZ. Pat McMahon was the master of ceremonies and the man of the evening. Mr. Hasselhoff was handsome and dashing and a just lovely and endearing man.

Joanne and Scott Fried, Amber at the silen auction A silent auction with some very beautiful items started off the evening. Women dressed in their finest of evening wear and most men wore tuxedos. I understand that was surprising for Phoenix. The extraordinary dinner menu included: Wines by BV Vineyards. Salad of crisp romaine hearts with savory compote of sun-died tomatoes, marinated artichoke hearts and herbs, de Provencal with yellow tomato vinaigrette. The entree was grilled filet mignon with red wine sauce and sautéed wild mushrooms paired with seared sea bass with Dungeness crab sauce, fingerling potato mash, and chef’s selection of seasoned vegetables. Dessert consisted of lemon chiffon cheesecake and chocolate dipped shortbread. Gorgeous presentation that tasted as good as it looked.

During dinner heart felt speeches were made and remembrances of the children that Make-A-Wish helped to make happy. Make-A-Wish Foundation is a wonderful gesture of human kindness.

After dinner the auction began with rapid-fire auctioneer. The bidding war began! Items auctioned off were trips to far away places, elegant dinners cooked by well known chefs, and many more items. Though we ladies all deeply wishd that David Hasselhoff would be on the auction block.

I sat at the U-Haul table, with Joanne and Scott Fried, and Amber. We enjoyed ourselves and had a few laughs remembering our love of “Knight Rider” and several photos opts with David Hasselhoff.

lovely lady and David Hasselhoff Joanne Fried & David Hasselhoff Amber and David Hasselhoff giving thumbs up

Danielle singing the Stars Spangle BannerAs I was leaving for my hour drive back to the south east corner of Greater Phoenix, Danielle, a lovely young woman in a stunning gown graced us by singing the “Star Spangle Banner”. Beautifully done Danielle.

I want the thank Joelle at White House Black Market Village Square at Dana Park Mesa for dressing me for the evening.

More photos.

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Hasselhoff Foundation – Letztes Wochenende fand in Arizona der 25ste Geburtstag der “Make A Wish Foundation” statt.

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