Medizona – love & sensuous flavors

It was Thursday evening, my friend Susan Hart, who is visiting from Berkley, joined me for a Scottsdale, Arizona adventure in dining and art. In the past Susan would visit NYC to join Jeffrey Kutler and I for a dinner and jazz experience. Since my move to AZ I am honored to have so many of my friends from all over the world, visit me in AZ and welcome many more visitors.

Susan and I began our tour with cocktails at the Phoenician Resort Lounge on the first floor. The view alone is worth the pricey drinks. And I was pleasantly surprised with a prickly pear ice tea, an amazingly good tasting drink!

After cocktails Susan and I headed for dinner at Medizona, known for its Mediterranean inspired southwestern cuisine. Peter, our dining host, who politely gave us a journey through the menu, noted the various combinations of exotic flavors, which tantalize the imagination, greeted us.

Medizona - Baby Greens SaladThe breadbox is a lovely presentation of various breads and spreads. The Baby Greens with Roasted Goat Cheese, Sun-Dried Pears, Almond-Honey Brittle, Balsamic-Cactus Fruit Vinaigrette is a salad with a lot of surprise. The sun-dried pears are well worth the experience!

I had the Achiote Rubbed Pan-Fried Salmon, Crayfish-Corn Risotto, Morel Mushroom-Baby Clam Sauce. My tongue exploded with a multitude of savor. I have never had Achiote before this evening. The fruity taste calms the salmon, while the rare Morel Mushrooms add the right degree of spontaneity. The Crayfish-Corn Risotto is unusual and fitting as the base for the salmon.

Susan had the Grilled Halibut, Chorizo-Potato Cake,
Haricot Verts, with Orange-Caper Sauce. She remarked how wonderfully grilled the Halibut was and Chorizo-Potato Cake was amazing. I did sneak a sample of the Chorizo-Potato Cake and completely concur with Susan.

Achiote Rubbed Pan Fried Salmon Medizona - Grilled Halibut

So what does Medizona mean? I searched Google for a definition and could not find one. An appropriate definition of Medizona is romance of the taste buds through love and rare sensuous flavors that tickle the imagination with delight.

Owner and Chef, Konstantin Mescherakov, makes full use of his brilliant artistic license, taking flavor to a whole new level of enjoyment. Medizona is great for romantic dining, intimate parties, and new adventure in food experience.

After Medizona Susan and I did the
Scottsdale Artwalk or should I say the art crawl. The temperature at 8pm in Scottsdale decreased from a 112 to about 100 degrees making it a little easier to slowly step from one gallery to another. We stopped in Willow Gallery and we were awe struck by the Libra sculpted by Vincent Aniano, a perfect female form executed in all of its glory. Shaun Alderman, the Willow Gallery USA, told me Thursday, July 7 is the “big” artwalk. I will look forward to big artwalk and my next dining adventure in Scottsdale.

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