My Thoughts on District 9

Heaven On Seven - Coconut Shrimp, Red Curry

I love science fiction grew up on the works of Bradbury, Clark, Asimov. SciFi has been part of my life since I was a baby. My first SciFi experience was Outer Limits. My father was watching it while he was holding me. I was watching the black and white TV too until the creature on the screen seemed to explode I cried from the fear of it. From that moment I love SciFi.

I went to see District 9 yesterday. Prior to seeing D9 I had lunch tat Heaven on Seven on Rush. Not really knowing the full details of what I was going to see in D9, I ordered Coconut with Shrimp with Rice, Red Curry Sauce, Mango and Papaya Paint. The dish arrived with the Red Curry Sauce, Mango and Papaya Paint in a coconut. The sauce was spicy and gives the shrimp that extra kick it needed. Rice was lacking in coconut flavor. Perhaps using coconut butter could have brought out the flavor all the more. I will have go back to experience more of this Louisiana style cooking.

Before the film started, I tweeted that some guy was yelling at the ads that were being shown. He was very loud and I was hopeful he would settle down when the film started. By the way, there are several SciFi that are coming out that look good: 2012, The Surrogates, Zombieland, the Fourth Kind, and Pandorum.

D9 started and I wasn’t sure what I would be in store for. Everyone I spoke to who saw it said it’s well done. Appropriately, D9 was filmed in South Africa with the story taking place in Johannesburg. The undertones of the film really speak to the atrocities that came out of apartheid. I remember being a young college student in the late ‘70’s; my college had an affiliation with Yale. I would often walk through the Yale campus recall seeing the shanty town which was created to drawn public awareness to what was happening in South Africa and try to get Yale to divest. Back then I understood what was going on I couldn’t comprehend why it was happening and thought the South African government to incredibly immoral and criminal.

The use of SciFi to bring the concept of apartheid to life is ingenious, because most of the audiences weren’t born when the situation was prevalent in South Africa. The film may convey a since of what had happened.

The film combined live action and animation, well done. There were even moments in the film which were touching and some were down right funny but overall the tone was serious. Serious enough that it has taken me a day to fully digest what I saw to understand what was being communicated.

Did you know, TV wasn’t introduced to South Africa until 1976, it was very limited?

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