New York My Kind of Town

After a long flight from Phoenix to New York I was back into the swing of the city. After being away for almost 6 months it was like riding a bike. I wanted to see all of my dear friends and looking to food, fun and culture.

Tuesday evening I arrived in NYC my hometown. I met Karen at LeGamin Chelsea my favorite little French restaurant for crepes. Karen and I had a lot of catching up to do. We talked and ate and talked some more over delicious French crepes.

Later that evening I ventured uptown to meet my cousin, Lynn. It was a late evening in Times Square and met at Eurpora. I had a Swiss Hot Chocolate and piece of cake. And Lynn had a quick sandwich. It was great catching up with Lynn. She’s an accomplished actress and singer.

I appreciate Bud, Lucy and Jane for putting up with me and putting me up.

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