Ole Mole in Soho

It was a dark and chilly May evening but the atmosphere inside Lupe’s East LA Kitchen in Soho was warm and cozy. True New Yorkers know that good Mexican food in NYC is hard to come by. Some restaurants try too hard to be chic for the sophisticated New Yorker palette, and miss the mark. Some are too greasy. And some are run by other ethnicities, which could beg the question of authenticity…(but not necessarily!)

Al pointed out that when you see a bottle of Tapatio hot sauce on the table, you know you’re in for some good solid Mexican food. “It’s only served in the real raunchy taco places in Southern California.” Good to know when I get to a raunchy place in SoCal.

While Al divulged more about Tapatio, Matthew–at the head of the table–regaled us with adventures in cooking with hot sauce. [Note: If you live with a hot sauce fan, always test those home-made concoctions before smothering your BBQ chicken with them!]

After our taste-buds were spiced up with some stuffed jalapeno peppers, Dana and I enjoyed our Chicken Mole dinners. She had the enchilada version. Me–straight up. Marek, Jonathan, Tiger, Anthony and Mark were all relishing their fare while witty and convivial conversations continued.

I’d give Lupe’s East LA Kitchen 4 Burritos!

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