Passionate About Ice Cream…

It’s summer in Phoenix, and this week it was HOT! 115f degrees and getting hotter. Ice Cream is one of those foods you just crave on a hot, hot, Phoenix summer day. You get the point, it’s frakin HOT HERE. As the comments on the Daily Eats blog heated up seems to be a passionate HOT discussion topic, which inspired the first Daily Eats food fight!

Here’s another ice cream parlor review, which I hope will inspire the same passionate out cry in comments and comparisons for this crystallized cold milky substance: Streamers Ice Cream Parlor and Grill of Gilbert, AZ owned by Michelle and Tom. The name is derived from the Streamline Era of the 1920’s and 1930’s. Though the design of the Streamers doesn’t set the tone of this era it’s still a nice civilized place to eat and I am supportive of ma-pa businesses, which are becoming rare.

I made two trips to Streamers first was for late lunch before seeing
“War of the Worlds” with a friend. He describes the taste his of BBQ Chicken sandwich as “A cornucopia of flavors that burst in your mouth.” I gladly and happily paraphrase the description for BBQ Cheese Burger. By the time we finished our late lunch it was time to see the film and I’m not one who likes to miss the previews.

My second visit I went specifically for the ice cream with two other friends. Delightful Crystal, who served me on Saturday, was the dining host again. She smiled and laughed at me as I reminded her it’s not nice to call the counter attendants soda “jerks”. Kathleen, the lovely and pleasant manager, educated me on the insides of Streamers ice cream. They use
Double Rainbow Supreme, which is comprised of 14% butterfat! We sampled the Cafe Mocha and the Traditional Hot Fudge one with vanilla and the other with chocolate. By our silence and at the speed we consumed these treats I guess we really enjoyed them.

Streamers Cafe Mocha Ice Cream Streamers Traditional Hot Fudge Traditional Hot Fudge with Chocolate

All I could think is “Oh My, Sweet Delicious GOODNESS, it is truly creamy!”
As I was spooning the last mouthful of Cafe Mocha, the kitchen started chanting “Skookie in the window!” to tout their signature skillet cookie to be dressed with ice cream.

Comment ratings: One friend gave Streamers a 9, the other friend said he is committed to Cold Stone Creamery gave Streamers an 8, I give an 8 as well. Making our review 8.5. Note I will be back to try the Skookie! And sample more from the grill.
Streamers is located right next to the theatre at 1166 South Gilbert Road – 480-635-9222.
Future ice reviews:
One of our readers suggests Mary Coyle in Tempe I’ll be there on Tuesday
We’re planning a visit to Cold Stone Creamery

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