Pei Wei – Mesa

Pei Wei is an upscale Asian diner created by PF Chang’s. A hostess greets you in line, Jessica was there today, and while meandering through the line pursing the menu there is a beat to the dining room.

Pei Wei - Mesa, AZ

A lot of questions came to mind while waiting for my order to be taken. How do they meter the line so that there are enough tables and seats for guests? I nearly panicked thinking my food may be ready before we sat down. But Dennis, the manager assured me all would come together.

After 15 minutes of waiting in line we ordered and were escorted to our table 42 by Dennis. Ah 42 who would have thought our table would be so blessed with the ultimate answer to the ultimate question to the universe. Ala Douglas Adams, who was the ultimate foodie. Btw The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy opens April 29, 2005 I want to have the ultimate party in honor of Douglas Adams, my ultimate hero and author.

My father didn’t care much for this type of food experience he prefers to be waited on, his complaints subsided when Dennis bought him a beer. Though my mother and myself really enjoyed the experience. The food was great! We sampled the Crispy Potstickers, Pei Wei Spring Rolls, Shrimp with Lobster Sauce Bowl, Honey Seared Chicken, and Hoisin Explosion.

Joyce liked the Pei Wei experience
Tony didn't care for it much
My mouth is full so I'm happy

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