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Announcement: Daily Eats has written over 100 posts from our launch in December! Last week the hottest food buzz was over cupcakes. Now that’s what I call sweet delicious. Cupcakes, bring -m-on. Ultimate blog blogging cupcakes was Ultrablog. Though the most witty cupcake goes to Daily Eats’ very own Bud Lavery.

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Phoenix Eats: I accomplished my goal of shaking hands with a 1000 people from the Greater Phoenix area. Why did I want to do this? I just love people and I’m committed to making Phoenix my home. To make friends you have to get out there and meet the people!

Sunday evening dinner with Kate Fitzgerald and her husband, Dr. Marshall, at Houston’s in Scottsdale. Dinners were huge! My salmon was nicely cooked but it was way too much food for me. Our dining host (the waiter) seemed a little preoccupied, but he was pleasant. Kate Fitzgerald is the editor and chef of Arizona Woman’s magazine. We chatted about a wide variety of subjects mostly about life after living in large glamorous cities like Chicago and New York.

Monday morning I had breakfast with
Girlfriends Unlimited, a lovely organization that is a support center for women. We giggled over our accomplishments, while eating healthy breakfast at the Good Egg in Mesa. Nicki, Jenneta and Cheri shared their stories of meeting founders Patty and Lisa.

Tuesday, my travels took me back to the
City Bakery, in downtown Phoenix, for a lovely afternoon lunch with my parents, Joyce and Tony Spataro and my aunt, Elaine Smith. The salads were fresh and tasty…but the dessert was decadent. As I recall the taste of chocolate and raspberry fills my mind and I know my brain is lighting up with excitement. After lunch we toured the Poisoned Pen bookstore and Bentley Gallery. The Bentley Projects at 215 Grant Street in Phoenix is becoming my favorite Phoenix hang.

That evening, I attended the
Ryze Phoenix networking group at the Top of the Rock at the Wyndham Buttes Resort in Tempe, a great location for a networking event. Hosted by Travis Logan, Ryze Phoenix Regional Event Chairmen. About 25 people from various business backgrounds attended including: Bill Sommer, Dale Carnegie Training; Erik Rich, Shred-it; Mark Guthrie, Vista; Tony Contrabasso, The Corner Office; Allan Sabo, ALTI; Mary Verschage, Freedom Financial; Mark Boundy, One Source; Michelle Meola, MetLife; Victoria Trafton, People in Charge; Donald Trafton, ACN; and Crista’ Aldridge, Artistic Portraits.

My most interesting conversation was with Bill Sommer. After talking to Bill I realized my external image does not match my actual chronological age, which has negative impact on my brand personified. Here are some helpful hints in calculating my age category: I was in high school when: Jimmy Carter was president, and graduated high school the year of Three Mile Island malfunctions. This was the year punk & hip-hop exploded, and Dick Howser replaced Billy Martin as manager of the Yankees. Star Wars, Rocky, Airport, Tower Inferno were the hottest movies, and All In The Family and Saturday Night Live was the hottest TV. I recall the death of Elvis and breakup of the Beatles. Even thought I don’t have any visible battle scares on my face, I truly do have over 20 years of marketing experience and am revered as brilliant and creative. If you can guess my age you’ll win a tea time with me. Ryze Phoenix Event

Public Service Announcement: I spent Friday with Joan and Edward Reiter, the founders of
the National Medical Research Foundation, whose mission is to find the cause and cure for Polymyalgia Rheumatica and Giant Cell Arteritis. These are vasculitis diseases. Vasculitis is inflammation of the walls of blood vessels. My mother, Joyce Spataro, suffers from three of these vasculitis diseases: Polymyalgis Rheumatica, Giant Cell Arteritis and Takayasu Arteritis. Vasculitis disease is very painful, could result in blindness, hearing loss, and stroke. I couldn’t image living with out my sight and hearing for me this is equal to being engulfed in total sensory deprivation. There is very little research invested in finding the cause and cure of these deadly diseases. About 1 in 143 people are affiliated mostly women. NMR Foundation is accepting donation support to find cure and cause. I recently was appointed to the advisory board.

Saturday was brunch at Jacqueline’s Market Place in Scottsdale with Dale Lowwani. I’ve been going to Jacqueline’s since 1993. It was Kim Buchheit who turned me onto this gem of a place. But I have to admit I was a little disappointed this time. My poached eggs with guacamole were a little too runny for my liking and the cafe mocha was weak. I had to ask for a shot of espresso to liven it up. But the conversation with Dale was enticing. Dale is a true entrepreneur with roots in the Philadelphia restaurant and nightclub business. Dale and his brother, Stephano, also own “Blush” women’s contemporary clothing store in Gainey Village.

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