Plant Diseases Threaten Chocolate!

I’m a chocolate lover, no wait let me rephase that…I have a chocolate addiction! I heard some very disturbing news on today’s Science Friday! Ira Flatow tells us about “a trio of plant diseases with ominous names — black pod, frosty pod, and witches’ broom — threatens chocolate production worldwide.One expert says that if frosty pod and witches’ broom gain a foothold in West Africa, production of cacao beans, the basis of chocolate, could be reduced by one million metric tons per year, knocking out almost a quarter of the world’s cacao crop.”

This is seriously important I can’t live without my daily chocolate! Thank you, Ira Flatow for alerting the chocolate lover’s of the world. Is there anything we can do about this?

Flatow, Ira. (2006, June, 9). “Plant Diseases and Chocolate Production”. Science Friday.

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