PunditDrome Reveals Secrets of Spam Musubi

Daily Eats is honored to be among the admirable food bloggers on PunditDrome. PunditDrome’s excellent taste in food bloggers includes two of my favorites: Kiplog’s Food Blog and Gastronomie.

We asked Scott Ferguson, of PunditDrome fame, what he likes to eat when he is blogging. Scott’s response in his own words will tickle your taste buds and intrigue your tummy:

Hah! Eats while blogging. One should not be engaging in holy and civilized activities like dining while performing unholy and uncivilized acts like blogging.

Then again, here I am at the ancient cheesy Royal Kona Resort Hotel on the Big Island, blogging while drinking iced tea. So I’m a hypocrite. Feh. That charge is thrown around the blogosphere with such alacrity that it’s now about as shocking as being guilty of switching your fork to the other hand after you slice your steak.

But if you do fancy yourself a blogger sauvage, you should not be drinking hot fluids in tippy containers, or any food where sauces or crumbs could fall out and wreck your keyboard in the middle of some carefully-turned jape. Food you can grab and pop into your mouth is the order of the day.

So, what to eat then? Nothing that leaves your fingers oily or sticky, so buffalo chicken wings are definitely declasse. Soft tacos? That requires too high a level of skill, as anyone who has pooped a blop of sour cream out the back of a Taco Bell Burrito Supreme into one’s lap will attest.

But here in Hawaii on my annual vacation, I found the perfect blog food, and propose it as The Official Food of Weblog Authors:

The Spam Musubi — that clever fusion of the Japanese musubi roll with State Meat of Hawaii, Spam. (NB: Hawaii is a monster market for Hormel’s Spam, approaching that of the Philippines.)

As you know, a musubi is Japanese bullet rice (sticky rice) wrapped around some kind of meat or veggie, and in turned wrapped in a sheet of nori, or dried seaweed. The Hawaiian way of doing a Spam Musubi is to slice a piece of Spam about 1/3″ thick so that the Spam-can shape is retained.Then, fry it, mount it on top of a 1-1/2″ blockof bullet rice, and wrap the nori around the assembly,using time-honored sushi-crafting techniques.

boxed Spam Musubi

ready to eat
Photos by Scott Ferguson

A couple of hints:
1. The best way to slice Spam is to use a wire-type cheese slicer. Works perfectly.

2. Dirty little culinary secret about Spam: It has enough sodium to give your cardiologist a heart attack. In response, the folks at Hormel came up with Spam Lite. But that’s not the dirty little secret — this is: Limiting the salt made Spam taste a whole lot better. If you can’t stand Spam, try Spam Lite. You’ll fall in love. (Yeah, that’s overstating it a bit, but you get the idea.)

Besides the taste and no-mess convenience, the word “Spam” is rich with irony to those of us in the blogosphere. You know how bloggers love rich ironies.

Look how very delicious Spam Musubi is

Photo by a Helpful Employee at the KTA
Super Center, North Kona District, Hawaii

Official University of Hawaii site on the Seven-Eleven Jumbo Hot Dog Musubi, taken on the North Shore of Oahu last year.

Hormel’s own Spam Musubi recipe.

If you go pro, here’s a source for Spam Musubi Molds. (I had no idea!)

You can Musubize other things too. Here’s a link to my personal home page showing a picture of a Seven-Eleven Jumbo Hot Dog Musubi, taken on the North Shore of Oahu last year.

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