Sharpen your Saber & Appetite, and say your Prayers…

Iron Chef America is back in full swing. From coconuts, clams, catfish to pizza dough what interesting edible delights will they concoct to temp us?

Watching for the first time, I sat at the edge of my seat, never during a cooking show, have I sweat so much. I thought “oh my…that’s way too much type A energy in this kitchen, there’s liable to be an explosion.” The show certainly explodes with creativity. The pressure cooker is on as these talented chefs are given exotic to ordinary ingredients to create masterpieces in culinary expression and taste. The flames burn high while chopping, slicing, and dicing compete, as these extraordinary and passionate chefs strive to keep their composure. Yes, these chefs are truly unique beings possessing such composure, strength, and focus!

The handsome Alton Brown keeps us in the loop with his witty commentary. He defines the unusual ingredients, spins expressions, and keeps the spirit alive.

Cooking competitions have now officially entered the realm of spectator sport perhaps the Olympic Committee would consider cooking as a new competition. Can you see Olympian Chefs preparing for the competition? Can you imagine the excitement? Can you imagine the food!
This is no ordinary cooking show Iron Chef America has all the glitter of a Vegas nightclub act, the intensity of Major League Playoffs, with a little WWF thrown in!

The New Battles have already started Sundays, 9/8c.
Brought to you by the Food Network.

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