Swedish Meatballs, yah

I don’t know about you, but dining with a Frenchman in a Swedish restaurant is right up my alley on Cinco de Mayo!

And, I’m not an expert, but I do know a good meatball when I taste one. And the Swedish Meatballs at Smorgas Chef were “not-too-shabby.” L’interieur du restaurant was classically Scandinavian–sparse, clean, bright. Blond woods, steel fixtures, and chandeliers made from blue-glass bottles lent a cheery and “not-too-stark” feeling.

My dining companion had the Scandinavian Seabass Tajine (an Ocean-farm raised Chilean Seabass simmered in a Moroccan clay Tajine with champagne prune and sun-dried tomato sauce). I had the Rack of Lamb (no sauce).

While Christian, a cigar-smoking, wine drinking, flirtatious Frenchman, was chatting up with the proprietors, I finished my food. It was a delightfully forgettable experience. [Note to self: bring book next time].

From their website: “Smörgås Chef Restaurant was founded by chef and designer Morten Sohlberg and investment banker Min Ye. Prior to founding Smörgås Chef, Morten and Min founded Sessions.edu Inc. – the world’s largest online design school headquartered in SOHO New York.” Interesting creditials. Gives new meaning to the idea that you really can recreate yourself in NYC all the time.

Rating: Two Meatballs. One Fish

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