Le Singe Vert ~ Après Paris

Without losing a moment Tery and I headed over to Le Singe Vert and indulged in some rich Eggs Benedict with Crab Cakes while Tery munched on eggs and fries.

Easter With Pop

‘Twas a week before Easter when all through the house, Pop and I cooked and shared our easter dinner. He made a delicious Fish dish with a tomato and onion salsa and I tried a very salty potato recipe. For dessert I broiled some nectarines and served them with freshly whipped cream and maple syrup. Yum!

Daily Eats Don’t Bother

Pettit Abeille, 1st Avenue and 20th Street: Wait staff was hanging on bar while dirty dishes compete for counter space and guests are aghast. I thought I was going to have a nice peaceful lunch last Sunday but the music was loud and wait staff was buzzing about like little worker bees, would idle at the bar while I was … Read More

Jason Calacanis’ Twitter on Food from Barcelona

Take a look at Jason’s beautiful food porn of tapas in Barcelona! Perfect time to be in Spain.I saw another twitter of Jason’s in which he’s thinking about opening a tapas place. I love the idea of small plates of food in which you can enjoy so many delicious samples. Especially when you share those tasting with someone special.I hope … Read More

Daily Eats Lunch Box: Al-Baraka

Daily Eats Food Lover’s Podcast #112Mediterranean & Turkish Cuisine buffet for $10. Lunch with Siegel+Gale Colleagues. Click to listen:

Finding the Best Price for My Fix

My colleague, John, at Siegel+Gale, came into my office; he said “I found the best price for my fix.”“Your fix?”, I questioned. John, responded, “Yes, I love those yellow lemon bars that are sold at Pax but the price seems to fluctuate all the time.” Oh I know what John means I went to Chinatown over the weekend to find … Read More

Christians for the Chocolate Jesus

A good friend my mine called me a second ago. She was all excited and kept asking, “Did you see the chocolate Jesus?” She’s knows I’m a chocolate lover she also knows about my former Catholic upbringing, though I long since left the Church, I do admire the Elaine Pagels’s Jesus. Being so intrigued and wondering, it is April 1st, … Read More

Ole! And a Birthday with Pedro

Well, two Mondays in a row and I’ve stuffed myself to the gills with my friend Pedro.Monday, March 12th we went to Florencia 13 and indulged in Mexican. And then Monday, March 19th we savored melt-in-your-mouth Italian! Florencia 13 is secretly named after a neighborhood in Los Angeles and the #13 is for “M”, the 13th letter in the alphabet, … Read More

Food Conspiracy Theories

From Robin Good, who I adore. This is a must read/see about genetically modified foods. The New Science Of Food: Chemically Contaminated, Genetically Modified – Video Short