@DailyEats on Twitter

I can’t remember exactly when I began using Twitter personally. It could have been late 2006 early 2007. I recently setup a separate account for Daily Eats, which is @dailyeats. Having a DailyEats twitter account lets allows us tweet our new posts, get great tips or showcase from aspiring and established chefs, and get pitched/scooped on food stories from PR … Read More

Twitter Sunny Side Up

Chicago, IL – Breakfast at the blogher conference with Aliza Sherman. I dined on eggs, mashed potatoes with corn flakes, sausages, and fruit while Aliza had her breakfast with twitter. tags: aliza sherman, daily eats, twitter, eggs sunny sideup

Road Warrior Breakfast

While at JFK outbound to Dulles on JetBlue had breakfast with my Siegel+Gale colleague Peter Cohl. Check out my twitters and friends on the right side twitter widget. If you twitter about food add me as a friend your food twitters will show up on Daily Eats.

To Twitter or Not To Twitter

Posted this on Confessions of a Marketing Addict blog. I love twittering for food! I could quickly become addicted to Twittering. Thanks Ev! You could follow me: http://www.twitter.com/terytags: twittering for food