The Sugar Bowl – Scottsdale, AZ

Someone was giving me directions and said you need to take a right at the Sugar Bowl. I thought it was a joke. I only knew Sugar Bowl to mean NCCA football game in New Orleans. Much to my surprise it is an old fashion ice parlor and a well known Scottsdale, AZ landmark located in Old Town.

Bill Keane, whose legendary comic strip, The Family Circus, made the Sugar Bowl famous. You can see he is well honored in both the menu and his art on the walls of the Sugar Bowl. I was told he does still frequent the Sugar Bowl for lunch and to give readings.

Thursday evening, the night of the big Scottsdale Artwalk I decided to have dinner at the Sugar Bowl and try this famous landmark’s ice cream. And temp my inner child with a delightful treat.

The tuna salad was mixed with sweet relish laid thick on toasted whole-wheat beard came with chips and pickle. Though I did ask for a slice of Swiss cheese it was forgotten much to the surprise of the counter person, who apologized so sweetly for the cook’s forgetfulness. I didn’t make a big deal out of it because it tasted so good! And washed down nicely with delicious limeade soda.

23 Skiddoo Sugar Bowl-ScottsdaleThere were several selections of ice cream I choose the 23 Skiddoo. Presented in a tall glass with dreamy coffee syrup, Old Dutch chocolate ice cream sliced almonds, chocolate syrup, and Turkish coffee ice cream. All spruced up with tempting whip and a red cherry. This will certainly made my inner child very happy! I ate almost every bite but didn’t want to push it. Walking around in the 110-degree heat of the AZ desert with a stomach-full of dessert isn’t desirable.

Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream creates special order ice cream for the Sugar Bowl. To please your inner child try the old fashion tenderness and taste of the Sugar Bowl.

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