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Happy Valentine’s Day from Daily Eats!

We know the true special meaning from a gift box of Valentine chocolates. This is ecstasy in a box! For Valentine’s Day my gift to you is my research on organic chocolate. I love chocolate not just any type of chocolate has to be rich dark creamy tasting chocolate. I did research on organic dark chocolate. Whole Foods has six different brands of organic dark chocolate. To qualify for this research the dark chocolate cocoa content has to be a least 50%. An exception was made of Newman’s Own Organic because I like what the brand stands for. This is how they stacked up against each other:

1.) Dagoba 59% cocoa
little too bitter and dense and chalky
rated: 7
2.) Green & Black 70% cocoa
lighter tasting, takes awhile for taste to mix
rated: 8
3.) Shaman Chocolates 60%cocoa
very sweet, didn’t care for it
rated: 3
4.) Endangered Species, Supreme Dark Chocolate, The Chimpanzee Bar
72% cocoa
excellent, not too sweet, melts nicely in mouth
rated: 10
5.) Newman’s Own Organic, Sweet Dark Chocolate
it’s ok. My mom loved it. For me too sweet
rated: 7.5
6.) Trader’s Joe’s 70% cocoa
bittersweet, longer in your mouth it becomes sweeter,
$2.95 for a one pound bar.
rated: 5.5

This unscientific study was broken into two categories: cocoa content and taste. Rated on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the best dark rich creamy tasting chocolate. Discovered Endangered Species Supreme Dark Chocolate rated 10 against the other five brands.

We also found some of the brands we investigated were not only organic in their ingredients but are socially conscience businesses.

Shaman Chocolates profits go to support the Huichol Indians, a small tribe of 15,000 living in Mexico’s Sierra Madre Mountains.

Endangered Species Chocolate Company donates 10% of their profits to protect endangered species. That’s certainly a double sweet treat.

Newman’s Own Organic, Paul Newman donates all of his royalty after taxes from the sale of this product for Educational and Charitable purposes.

Share your favorite organic dark chocolate treats.
I’m off to NYC for a couple days. I hope to bring you Daily Eats from my favorite Manhattan eateries.

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