What do you get when you cross celebrity and New York and chocolate?

I like chocolate. Chocolate is good, and it tastes good, and it is good for you. Or, there are some such studies like that.

So, last time I was in New York a few weeks ago, I convinced a friend that we needed to go to Dylan’s Candy Bar. I had recently read a few things about the place – ironically, more that it’s owned by Ralph Lauren’s daughter and does some chocolate stuff during Fashion Week. Plus, we were going to Morganthal Frederics to scope out sunglasses (she bought an amazing pair) and it’s in the same neighborhood.

Well, I guess I’m easily disappointed. From the press – and I should know not to believe the hype, as that is part of my business – I was expecting more than just a two-story Fuzziwigs. If you took out the Dylan chocolates and candy bars, the rest of the place is nothing more than a regular candy store.

At least at Fuzziwigs I was propositioned by the owner’s daughter.

I did buy a few of the chocolate bars – and they were pretty good. The milk chocolate was creamy, the dark chocolate had that good bite. But, the pieces of almond were almost non-existent, the toffee was almost non-existent, the peanut butter was negligible. So, they were like milk chocolate bars with something stuck in them … but barely.

The place was busy, and I would likely stop in again if I were in the neighborhood. But, would I go out of my way? Nope.

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