What’s Your Favorite Car Snack?

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Summer is here! And to get out of Phoenix’s heat I went to one of the Seven Wonders of the World,The Grand Canyon! It’s roughly a 4-hour drive from Phoenix to GC. As I mentioned I usually take an energy drink with me along for the drive along with lots of water and of course my favorite car snacks: Ghirardelli 60% dark cocoa squares and Smart food. Though Smart food can be messy in the car it’s still very yummy. This time instead of my usual Red Bull I decided to try out Kronik (low carb). It has a light tasting citrus flavor. It made 4 hours of driving seem easy. Though I was so wired from the caffeine I woke up at 3.30am.

I love Gabcast! I have no mobile service from the Canyon because Gabcast has an 800 number I can still podcast! You guys are awesome!

GC ElkThis morning while I was having breakfast Kashi with rice milk and bananas, I looked out the window and there was a handsome full-racked mull elk having his breakfast. What am I doing up here at the Canyon all by myself. For one thing I’m enjoying my solitude, though walking along the south rim I ran into more whiny children than I have ever encountered. It took away from the serenity of the Canyon.

Chile Cheese DogsMy two-mile walk along the south rim took me to lunch at the GC market. I had a chili cheese dog that was super good, Miss Vickie’s Jalapeno Chips very yummy, and washed it down with Naked Berry Smoothie. I over heard some kid remark to his parents “I want a hot dog just like that girl has”. I knew I was the envy of the father too who gave me a dirty look while he was eating his Caesar salad. This chili cheese dog out did the chili cheese dog from the Phoenix Zoo.

Besides hiking I’m working on a couple of creative projects, one of which is for Daily Eats. You’ll be hearing about it real soon.

While you planning your road trips this summer, I would love to know what are your favorite car snacks?

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