Where is all the Tasty Sockeye Salmon?

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I did not get my weekly dose of coffee at Lux Coffeebar. I really like this place. One of these days I’m going to get the owner to give me a podcast. Since I haven’t been feeling well I have to cut out the coffee, chocolate, and a few other delicious things until I start to feel better. Yes, I am anemic, why well that’s still being investigated. I really shouldn’t have a problem. I found taking a half-teaspoon of black strap molasses gives me enough iron, B12 and B6 needed to restore my depleted red cells.

Today, I had an interesting grocery shopping experience. My mother and I went to Henry’s in Gilbert specifically for Sockeye Salmon. The last time we bought Sockeye Salmon there is was delicious, sweet, tender and fresh. Much to our surprise the fresh fish section of Henry’s was converted in to frozen fish section of Henry’s. We asked why the change and no one who was working there seemed to have an explanation. At least the trip wasn’t a waste of gas. The produce at Henry’s is very good, we try hard to by local and organic. We ended up with some nice fruits and vegetables. We left disappointed that we would have no fresh Sockeye Salmon. We decided to head over to the Safeway to see if their fish selection was up to our standards.

Dave, at Safeway promised the Sockeye came in fresh today. My mom and I were excited and couldn’t wait to fire up the Char-Broil and grilled the Sockeye.

We dug in…well it was good, but wasn’t like the Sockeye we got at Henry’s, which was sweet tender and left you craving for more. Where is all the delicious Sockeye Salmon? Do I have to fly to Alaska for it?

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