You know that you’re an addict when…

I am a barista. My job is to brew copious amounts of caffeinated beverages and sell them to sleepyheaded coffee fiends at outrageous prices. I am a drug-pusher of sorts, a liaison between the producer and consumer, the one who turns the raw product into something drinkable. But, apparently, my job may soon lose its relevancy.

Behold the miracle of modern science: caffeinated soap. It’s like a shot of espresso without the aftertaste; a mocha latte without the calories. And anyway, who needs to drink coffee when you can just take a shower?

But as someone who deals with caffeine soaking through the pores as an occupational hazard, not a bath time benefit, I would argue that perhaps this product shouldn’t become part of the daily (coffee) grind. Call me traditional, but I think I’ll stick to my regular morning brew. The closest I want to get to caffeinated suds is sipping the foam off of my cappucino.

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