Marcellino Ristorante

After seeing “Meet the Fockers” we dined at Marcellino Ristorante on E. Northern Avenue in Phoenix. Andre Bormanis’ friends, Gary and Nary Sacks suggested the restaurant. Marcellino is wonderful! Delicious is every sense of the word!

Owned by Marcellino and Sima Verzino, interestingly enough had a restaurant in Hell’s Kitchen, a few streets from where I lived in Manhattan. I remember their restaurant well. But they out did themselves and spoiled Phoenix with exquisite recipes, which tantalize your tongue.

Friendly and cozy atmosphere, with knowledgeable food hosts (I really don’t like the term waiter especially in a restaurant like this)that make you feel extra special. If you’re in the mood for awesome Italian I encourage you to give them a try.

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